Walking Football growing in popularity

Walking FootballThe walking football introduced in conjunction with Haverfordwest County Football Club by Wyndham Williams under the auspices of vi-ability.org continues apace after making such a successful start at Haverfordwest Leisure Centre.

This initial programme was designed for people who have completed Pembrokeshire Leisure's 16-week National Exercise Referral Programme. Walking football is like the standard game of football where players must walk instead of run. 

Medical benefits obvious

The aim is for people who have been referred for a condition (and completed the programme) from a medical professional to take up a new option to continue to seek to increase activity levels with all the known benefits that activity can bring such as, lower blood pressure, and improve mobility. 

It's not just health benefits - participants can meet new people, avoid becoming isolated and interact with individuals and small groups. It is designed to help people to maintain an active lifestyle no matter what their age, health, and fitness, as well as support people getting back into football if they have given up due to ill health or injury.  

Lots more joining up to play

Since then, however, there has been a concerted drive to introduce the game to others who loved their football and anyone who would like to try the game for fun, with strict rules governing the pace of the game and the general care of those taking part.

So a new series of sessions has now started out at Haverfordwest Leisure Centre and on the first evening there were 15 players, including two ladies, with ages ranging from 50 to 70, and all agreed they had a rattling good time.

The sessions take place at Haverfordwest Leisure Centre on Tuesday Evenings from 6-7pm so if you would like further information about going along contact Wyndham Williams on 07718426095 / wyndham@vi-ability.org to book your place. 

Walking Footballers line upWalking footballers sign up