Medals galore for Pembrokeshire Disabled Bowlers’ Club

Pembrokeshire Disabled Bowlers Club

Pembrokeshire Disabled Bowlers Club recently took nine of its bowlers to a Welsh Learning Disabilities Indoor Bowls Singles Championship at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff and for five of them it was their first competition representing their home region.

Some 40 athletes competed on the day, beginning with the opening ceremony and a designated bowler reading out the athlete’s oath.   Each athlete was in their own category according to their ability and skill level; level one, two or three.  The athletes competed in divisions, playing two or three 35-minute games depending on the number of bowlers in their division.

Pembrokeshire’s bowlers had put in months of training and it all paid off as they played exceptionally well, despite the nerves, to bring home nine medals!

Great success for experienced and new bowlers

PDBC first-time competitors were: Amy Barrett, Andrew Roberts and Danny Pullin who won bronze, Jack Wood, who won silver and Gwawr Harries who won gold.

The club’s seasoned competitors: John Ellis and Lee Bower won bronze, Simon Eaton won silver and James Tyler won gold.

What an achievement, everyone had a brilliant day.  A big thank you goes out to the directors and coaches who help make this possible: Geoffrey John, John Bower, Ken Watson, Madeline Roberts, Olwyn and Steve Whitmore and the club’s youngest director Oliver King.

To quote some of the bowlers “Thank you for the opportunity to compete, we wouldn’t have done it without you.”