Wendy does a wonderful all-round job for Tish!

Wendy BradshawThere is no better-known cricket scorer in the county than Wendy Bradshaw and she is not only a wizard with her scorebook and I-Pad but also does a myriad of other jobs in the St Ishmaels Cricket Clubs’ set up, like being Hon Secretary and Child Welfare Officer.
And as if that didn’t keep her busy enough she also served indoor cricket in the county with distinction as the organiser of the Pembrokeshire Indoor Cricket League for a long time before handing over the reins to Peter Davies (Neyland).

Interest started out with their neighbours on the road

Wendy’s unofficial introduction with cricket at St Ishmaels came about when she and her husband Chris’s then-young son Peter enjoyed playing in Brookside with neighbours Pat and Mel, and their sons Andrew and Steven.
Mel has been hugely involved in coaching for many years at Tish and spotted that Peter had a natural flair for the game so roped Master Bradshaw in to play - so that by the time he was 12 he was keeping wicket for the second team as well as serving his apprenticeship with the bat.
Wendy and Chris, who now serves the club well by regularly cutting the outfield, went along to watch and when the under 13s needed a scorer she was shown the ropes by Pat, although Mrs B readily admits she didn't have a clue about the rudiments of the game, like fielding positions or the signaling system used by umpires.

Real progress made and her scorers’ exam passed with flying colours!

Wendy Bradshaw is a good sport“It was all a bit confusing to be honest,” she admitted, “and I’m still not sure over 20 years later on, about the LBW rule!”

But she can’t be doing a bad job because as long ago as 2002 she took the exam organised by Bob Flute of the Pembrokeshire Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers – and passed with flying colours alongside Pat Williams and Fran James (Johnston).
Be that as it may, Wendy is now able to transmit details of the team’s matches via her I-Pad on to the ‘Play Cricket’ app which appear around the country and further beyond.

“I really enjoy doing it although the only problem is the unreliable Wi-Fi signal we have in Tish - and many places in the County have no signal at all.

Early start to first team action – and great things follow

“When Peter was 14, Martin Davies was club captain and asked him to play for the first team and I used to go along with my heart in my mouth because he looked so small against the grown men in the opposing team but I was soon enjoying every moment and when I was asked to take over the scoring some years later I agreed – and I’ve been doing it ever since!”
In the intervening years both Peter and Wendy have continued to be hugely involved at St Ishmaels, with Peter leading the club to its first Harrison-Allen Bowl success and the league title as the extra bonus – and with Wendy totally involved in all other aspects of the club.
“I will never forget that day in 2007 when we eventually won The Bowl, after the first attempt was rained off. Just reaching there was amazing for all the boys but to see them with that fantastic trophy was brilliant – and then to win the league for the very first time was the icing on the cake. On both occasions we celebrated into the next day as only Tish can!”

Other interests

Jayne Cole and Wendy BradshawOutside of her interest in cricket, Wendy has also spent the last ten years as Hon Secretary of the ‘Withybush Hospital Cancer Day Unit Appeal’ and helping out in the charity shop, which has stopped trading now – but, as Wendy was quick to remind us, this very worthwhile cause is still ongoing and she continues as Hon Secretary.
But it is her family which always takes centre stage for her and Chris, with Peter and his wife Jo providing them with lovely grandchildren in Maddox and Phoenix, whilst daughter Sarah is married to Brendan Moon, an Australian who came to play cricket for Tish.

They now live in Seaford, near Melbourne and have delighted the rest of the Bradshaw clan with two beautiful daughters in Matilda and Hensley and the Bradshaws love visiting whenever possible.

And finally . . .

Talk to younger scorers in the county and they all say what a help Wendy has been and how they look forward to sharing the scorebox with her – and she has helped others like Richard Merriman, who is the current chairman of the Pembroke County Cricket Club and holds the same role with PACUS.
“Before I was umpiring I started scoring for Whitland and vividly recall when we played Tish and I was flanked by Wendy as the official scorer and Pat, who kept a weather eye on what I was doing. They were so nice about my lack of experience and we are lucky to have them – and other great scorers – across our county!”
It is typical of Wendy that she is always quick to play down her role but there is no doubt that she is held in huge regard by the cricketing community across the county’s players, umpires and especially scorers – and reflects all that is good in Pembrokeshire Cricket.
 Wendy Bradshaw and Tish team