Sporting Snippets - Part 25

Proud record for Boswell boys!

The Boswell brothers from Johnston hold a record in local football that is unlikely to be matched because Alan, Roy and Dean have all been referee at the Senior Cup Final – and when Alan had the honour he also had his two brothers as his assistants!

Alan was the man in the middle for the 2007/08 final, when Pennar Robins beat neighbours Monkton Swifts 2-0 – and  Roy followed two years later as Goodwick United won by 3-1 against Merlins Bridge.

Big brother Dean then completed a fantastic family hat-trick at The Bridge Meadow Stadium in 2013/14 when Tenby beat Merlins Bridge 2-0 and they also officiated at Marble together in the Joe Lennon Cup when Dean was again the man with the whistle and his brothers helped him out with their flags!

Great idea from Bluebirds’ supporters . . .

We nip off to The Bridge Meadow Stadium next, where Haverfordwest County’s supporters’ association has done a terrific job recently by introducing a number of former great players to the crowds before matches.

These have included several members of the 1961 side like George Brain, Cliff Pawlett, Mostyn Rowlands, Ronnie Davies and, more recently, Dai Landry, who wrote a lovely letter to organiser Eddie Bunston to say thank you.

He was rightly glowing in his praise of the hard work undertaken by Eddie, Kevin Bryce and Co and after having a half time mini-kick around with more recent ‘legends’ like Nigel Stephenson, Hughie Knight and Mickie George, where the crowd really showed its appreciation of their endeavours for the Bluebirds. Dai wrote,
“I write to thank you for your invitation and the warmth of your welcome. …

Best wishes to you all at the New Bridge Meadow. You should all be proud of such fine stadium.”

His letter obviously came from the heart and isn’t it nice to see a club remembering their former players in such a smashing way?

Haverfordwest County 1961 Legends team


. . . And well done the Bluebirds’ boys

Football players are often in line for criticism about their selfish ways so when I heard this story I thought it was important to show that is not the case with the semi-pro players at Haverfordwest County.

It is always nice to be able to praise the efforts of footballers who are proactive in doing good so I congratulate the players and management at Haverfordwest County AFC for deciding to help out the people struggling in Haiti by donating some of their travelling expenses for matches to the fund.

There was also a bucket collection at a match where a decent sum was also raised and it is a pity that top players don’t do the same – just imagine the total if all premier and championship footballers donated just 20% of one week’s wages!

So well done club chairman Rob Summons, manager Derek Brazil and the Bluebirds’ players!

Rob Summons


Top after shave for over 45s

There was also a great deal of laughter amongst the Pembrokeshire Over 45s football team on a recent visit to play Splott, in Cardiff. The old-timers, organised as usual by Bob Nelson, thoroughly enjoyed their match and looked forward to their deserved shower afterwards.

It was when they started dressing that guffaws broke out when it was noticed that star full back Gary Stephens, easily the oldest ‘old-timer’ in the side, was using some aftershave that was akin to ‘Hai Karate’ and ‘Blue Stratos’ from the 1960’s – and players like Micky Algieri, Steve James and Bernie Armstrong almost collapsed when a wag asked Gary which Christmas he had received the aftershave as a present!

All’s well that ends well, however, because Gary can take a leg-pull and definitely smelt better than some of the squad who wouldn’t even know what aftershave is. Next time you bump into Gary just lean in a little to him when he’s talking – and if you are lucky you might just get a slight whiff of his vintage aftershave lotion!

Gary Stephens and Micky Algieri


Urgent call for help at Glebelands

John SummonsThere have been great strides at Glebelands in Johnston over recent years as the local club have invested well in the proper machinery and now can boast a cricket pitch to be proud of.

But my little mole at the club tells me that on the morning of the last league match there was no shortage of panic from Steve Mills (Snr) and Steve James, who work so hard at keeping the wicket. They were using the heavy roller on the pitch when it simply stopped and they couldn’t, try as they might, get it restarted. Talk revolved around whether they might be the first club to have a match cancelled because of a traffic hold-up on their wicket!

So they did what most white-collar workers would do in such a predicament, they phoned a farmer to ask for help, and phoned John Summons, who doubles up as the club’s opening batsmen, what they should do. Fortunately, John knew what had caused the machine to step and he sorted things out, starting by getting a huge Hyams lifting machine to remove the roller so that the relieved Messrs James and Mills could carry on their work, before getting things sorted out on the roller.

So well done Mr Summons – and I hear the club is going to put the other two on a mechanic’ course!

Fanus is cheesed off

A well-known supporter at the Lewis Lloyd Ground is Richard Fanus, whose comments about referees, as he stands on the touch-line with old pal Adge John, often bring a chuckle to those sitting above him in the stand.

But it seems that he has become Mr Grumpy of late because he attended a fund-raising evening where there were cheese varieties to taste but Mr F felt that the slices were too thin and didn’t allow him to get enough of a taste.

After grumbling aplenty he actually toddled off to one of the organisers to ask if he could have some bigger slices and, knowing that he isn’t really a bad old boy beneath that grumpy exterior, gave him some larger portions that brought a beatific smile to that old face.

As Adge said, it brought a new meaning to the phrase ‘being cheesed off’ and so if anyone invites the popular Mr Fanus to a do, make sure that the portions are on the large side!

Adge John and  Richard Fanus

Dave kept in touch with Pembrokeshire umpires on his Indian website blog 

Dave Brandon is currently vice chairman of the Pembroke County Cricket Club and chairman of the Pembrokeshire Association of Cricket Officials but years ago, after arriving here from his native Lancashire, he enjoyed the amazing challenge of officiating in India for the fore-runner of the Indian Premier League 20/20 matches. This is just one of the nice little stories we gleaned from those special trips . . .

For those who have sky television the games can regularly be watched on Channel 789, which is the Zee Music channel, and he recently joined Sri Lankan umpire Martinez in officiating at the Ahmedabad Rockets versus Mumbai Champs match where the former team won by nine wickets as Ryan Campbell finished on 82 not out with skipper Damian Martyn (Australia) also undefeated against a side which included Nathan Astle (New Zealand) and Michael Kasprowitz (Australia).

His blog site shows there have also been humorous moments as well as his thoughts on the matches and one such moment came as he flew out because he was travelling business class whilst wife Julie was in economy. She was recovering from knee surgery but bravely decided to go – and Dave showed what a gentleman he is by switching seats with her! What a gentleman he is – and when he returns we will feature his experiences again in our cricket section!

Dave Brandon and Andre Adams