SWALEC League 2 West

18 January 2020

Fishguard 22-31 Burry Port
Tries: Gavin Walsh 2
Chris Shousha
Cons: Nico Setaro 2
Pen: Nico Setaro

  Tries: Carl Rees
Dwayne Evans
Ollie Dunley
Declan Knox
Con: Lee Evans
Pens: Lee Evans 2
Kidwelly 19-29 Tycroes
Loughor 10-25 Tenby United
Try: Tomas Davies
Con: Tomos Davies
Pen: Tomos Davies
  Tries: Will Swales 2
Andrew Cooke
Cons: Lloyd Thomas
Pens: Lloyd Thomas
Milford Haven 20-20 Mumbles
Tries: Dan Jenkins 2
Sam Dolling
Con: Steve Martin
Penalty: Steve Martin
  Tries: Dan Rice, Tom Rice,
Lewis Buckley, Sam Cook

Pontarddulais 33-20 Nantgaredig
Pontyberem P-P Carmarthen Athletic

11 January 2020

Burry Port 14-0 Pontarddulais
Carmarthen Athletic 32-10 Kidwelly
Mumbles 41-18 Fishguard
Tries: Chris Morgan, penalty try,
Joe Rimmell, Andrew Evans,
Harry Davies, Sam Cook
Cons: Chris Morgan (4)
Pen: Chris Morgan
  Tries: Gavin Walsh, Chris Shousha
Pens: Mark Jones (2)
Con: Andrew Davies
Nantgaredig 9-3 Loughor
Tenby United 18-16 Pontyberem
Tries: Ben James, Matthew Morgan
Con: Lloyd Thomas
Pens: Lloyd Thomas 92)
  Tries: Mike Sauro, Gwion Jones
Pens: Dom Sauro (2)
Tycroes 25-5 Milford Haven
Tries: Aled James (2), John James
Con: Aled Rees-Jones (2)
Pens: Aled Rees-Jones (2)
  Try: Sam Dolling

4 January 2020

Carmarthen Athletic  7-13 Tenby United
Try: Tom Gravell
Con: Liam Price
  Try: Yannic Parker
Con: Matthew Morgan
Pens: Matthew Morgan (2)
Fishguard 24-25 Tycroes
Tries: Dafydd Ridgeway, Rhys Evans,
Chris Shousha, Andrew Williams
Cons: Mark Jones (2)
  Tries: Dai Thomas, John Jones,
Matthew Lemon
Cons: Aled Jones (2)
Pens: Aled Jones (2)
Kidwelly 17-34 Milford Haven
Tries: Matthew Davies, Ryan Jenkins
Co0ns: James Owens (2)
Pen: James Owens
  Tries: Zac Davies, James Williams,
Dan Jenkins,Lee Riley,
Dan McClelland,
Cons: James Trueman (2), Steve Martin
Pen: Steve Martin
Loughor 6-24 Burry Port
Pontarddulais 27-32 Mumbles
Pontyberem 29-29 Nantgaredig

28 December 2019

Burry Port v Pontyberem
Kidwelly 11-7 Tenby United
Try: Arwell Rees
Pens: James Owens (2)
  Try: Jack Broadhurst
Con: Harri Rossiter
Milford Haven P-P Fishguard
**By mutual agreement of clubs    
Mumbles 22-15 Loughor
Nantgaredig 7-15 Carmarthen Athletic
Tycroes 18-7 Pontarddulais

14 December 2019

Carmarthen Athletic 23-24 Burry Port
Fishguard 24-16 Kidwelly
Tries: Sion Rowlands, Ed Bendall,
Rhys Evans
Pens: Mark Jones (3)
  Tries: Alan Squires, Mark Rees
Pens: James Owens (2)
Loughor 10-17 Tycroes
Pontarddulais P-P Milford Haven
Pontyberem 25-18 Mumbles
Tenby United 17-17 Nantgaredig
Tries: Harry Bolton (2)
Cons: Harry Rossiter (2)
Pen: Harry Rossiter
  Tries: Gareth Lewis, George Gleeson
Cons: Lloyd Lewis (2)
Pen: Lloyd Lewis

7 December 2019

Carmarthen Athletic 19-15 Mumbles
Loughor 14-10 Milford Haven
Try: Johnny Bowen
Pens: Tom Davies (3)
  Try: Dan McClelland
Con: James Trueman
Pen: James Trueman
Nantgaredig 19-3 Kidwelly
Pontarddulais 25-14 Fishguard
Tries: George Mbofana (2),
Scott Simons
Cons: George Mbofana, Liam Lazarus
Pens: George Mbofana (2)
  Try: Dafydd Ridley
Pens: Marc Jones (3)
Pontyberem 17-14 Tycroes
Tenby United 18-22 Burry Port
Tries: Andrew Cooke, Rob Luly,
Con: Lloyd Thomas
Pens: Lloyd THomas( 2)
  Try: Andy Francis
Con: Lee Evans
Pens: Lee Evans (5)

23 November 2019

Burry Port 45-3 Nantgaredig
Fishguard P-P Loughor
Kidwelly 12-37 Pontarddulais
Milford Haven P-P Pontyberem
Mumbles P-P Tenby United
Tycroes P-P Carmarthen Athletic

16 November 2019

Burry Port 15-3 Kidwelly
Carmarthen Athletic 22-13 Milford Haven
Tries: Carwyn Thomas, Tom Gravell,
Dan Davies
Cons: Liam Price (2)
Pen: Liam Price
  Try:Penalty try
Pens: James Trueman (2)
Loughor 16-22 Pontarddulais
Nantgaredig 24-27 Mumbles
Pontyberem 10-31 Fishguard
Try: Sion Nicholas
Con: Mike Sauro
Pen: Mike Sauro
  Tries: Chris Shousha (2),
Mark Jones, Daf Ridgeway
Con: Mark Jones
Pen: Mark Jones
DGs: Nico Setaro (2)

Tenby United 9-13 Tycroes
Pens: Harry Rossiter (3)   Try: Trystan Morgan
Con: Elgan Griffiths
Pens; Elgan Griffiths (2)

9 November 2019

Fishguard P-P Carmarthen Athletic
**Pitch waterlogged    
Kidwelly 11-16 Loughor
Milford Haven 13-6 Tenby United
Try: Sam Dolling
Con: James Trueman
Pens: James Trueman (2)
  Pens: Harry Rossiter (2)
Burry Port 30-17 Mumbles
Pontarddulais 38-8 Pontyberem
Tycroes 18-3 Nantgaredig

26 October 2019

Burry Port P-P Tycroes
Carmarthen Athletic 19-17 Pontarddulais
Mumbles P-P Kidwelly
Nantgaredig 33-13 Milford Haven
Tries: Carwyn Davies, Lloyd Williams,
Rhys Schivorne, Jack Beynon
Cons: Lloyd Williams (2)
Pens: Lloyd Williams (3)
  Tries: Steve Martin, James Williams
Pen: James Trueman
Pontyberem 58-3 Loughor
Tenby United 15-14 Fishguard
Pens: Harry Rossiter (5)   Try: Luke Freebury
Pens: Mark Jones (3)

19 October 2019

Fishguard v Nantgaredig
Kidwelly v Pontyberem
Loughor v Carmarthen Athletic
Milford Haven 13-17 Burry Port
Tries: Sam Dolling (2)
Pen: James Truman
  Tries: Theo Weston-Barnes, Rich  Parker,
Rhys Williams
Cons: Theo Weston-Barnes (2)
Pontarddulais 19-13 Tenby United
Tries: Dean Courtney (2), Craig Davies
Cons: George M'Bofana
  Try: Andrew Cooke
Con: Harry Rossiter
Pens: Harry Rossiter (2)
Tycroes v Mumbles

12 October 2019

Burry Port A-A Fishguard
*Match abandoned (Injury to referee)
After 22 minutes - Match abandoned
Carmarthen Athletic v Pontyberem
Mumbles P-P Milford Haven
*Mumbles still in WRU Plate    
Nantgaredig v Pontarddulais
Tenby United 30-3 Loughor
Tries: Ben Pugh, Andrew Cooke (2)
Pens: Harry Rossiter (5)
Tycroes v Kidwelly

5 October 2019

Fishguard 29-31 Mumbles
Rhys Evans, Liam Wilkes,
Chris Shousha, Robbie Jones
Cons: Mark Jones (3)
Pen: Mark Jones
  Tries: Sam Cook (2), Andrew Claypole
Cons: Andrew Claypole (2)
Pens: Andrew Claypole (4)
Kidwelly P-P Carmarthen Athletic
Loughor 20-25 Nantgaredig
Milford Haven 23-19 Tycroes
Tries: Dan Jankins, Sam Dolling (2)
Con: James Trueman
Pens: James Trueman (2)
  Tries: Luke Rees, Luke Conway,
John James
Cons: Shane Roberts, Dean Bromham
Pontarddulais 17-22 Burry Port
Pontyberem 19-18 Tenby United
Try: Alex Jenkins
Con: Mike Sauro
Pens: Mike Sauro (4)
  Tries: Luke Deadman, Joe Owen
Con: Harry Rossiter
Pens: Harry Rossiter (2)

28 September 2019

Burry Port 37-27 Loughor
Milford Haven 41-26 Kidwelly
Tries: Ryan Mansell, Lee Riley (2),
Dan Jenkins (2), Dan McClelland
Cons: James Trueman (4)
Pen: James Trueman
  James Owens; Rhydian Davies,
Alan Squire, Dan Davies
Cons: Rhydian Davies (3)
Mumbles 30-22 Pontarddulais
Nantgaredig 25-12 Pontyberem
Tenby United 37-30 Carmarthen Athletic
Tries: Max Brindley (2), Luke Hansford,
Andrew Cooke
Cons: Harry Rossiter (4)
Pens: Harry Rossiter
  Tries: Dan Evans, Liam Price,
Tom Gravell
Cons: Scott Maynard (3)
Pens: Scott Maynard (3)
Tycroes 36-36 Fishguard
Tries: Eliott Griffiths, Dean Bromham (2),
Tristan Morgan, Matthew Lemon
Cons: Dean Bromham, Elgan Griffiths (3)
Pen: Elgan Griffiths
  Tries: Chris Shousha, Kyle Keane,
Liam Wilkes, Mark Jones (2)
Cons: Mark Jones (4)
Pen: Mark Jones

14 September 2019

Carmarthen Athletic 13-11 Nantgaredig
Fishguard 30-20 Milford Haven
Tries: Ryan McVeigh, Chris Shousha
Ben John,
Cons: Mark Jones (3)
Pens: Mark Jones (3)
  Tries: Ryan Mansell, Steve Martin,
Dan Jenkins
Con: James Trueman
Pen: James Trueman
Loughor 26-36 Mumbles
Pontarddulais 17-26 Tycroes
Pontyberem 13-17 Burry Port
Tenby United 17-22 Kidwelly
Tries: Jim Brace, Joe Owen,
penalty try
  Dafydd Phillips, Arwel Rees,
Archie Snook
Cons: James Owens (2)
Pen: James Owen

7 September 2019

Burry Port 25-19 Carmarthen Athletic
Kidwelly 15-24 Fishguard
Tries: Scott James, Dafydd Phillips
Con: James Owen
Pen: James Owen
  Mark Jones; Ben John;
Rhys Evans
Cons: Mark Jones (3)
Pen: Mark Jones
Milford Haven 38-24 Pontarddulais
Tries: Aaron Ebsworth (2), Dan Jenkins;
Sam Dolling; Penalty try
Con: James Trueman
Pens: James Truman (3)
  Paul White (2); Paul Gearey;
Dean Courtney
Cons: George N'bofana (2)
Mumbles 39-27 Pontyberem
Nantgaredig 20-10 Tenby United
    Try: Ben Pugh
Con: Lloyd Thomas
Pen: Harry Rossiter
Tycroes 10-14 Loughor