Cold water swimmers glow with health in the sea at Goodwick!

Julie Slize and Vicky Nicholls
Michael PetersenThe news of another Lock Down has inevitably brought dismay to everyone around the county, with sport again seeming a million miles away – but yesterday I accidentally bumped into a small group of people parked near the breakwater in Goodwick who are determined to keep active and who spend a small portion of each day in the very cold water off The Parrog.

Family effort from Cherry, Michael and Joe

Cherry PicklesMichael Petersen, his sister Cherry and her son Joe arrive in the car park there, nip into their bathers and calmly walk into the water at close to high tide and spend some time braving the elements with a swim to the first sea groin and back, with Joe looking to be enjoying himself so much that he actually flipped on to his back and floated serenely there for a little while.
Not content with that effort, the trio then dry off, put a few clothes on and then jog out the breakwater and back before travelling back to Trevine!

Ladies from ‘The Blue Tits’ join them

As they finished their swim, two other ladies arrived, both members of the renowned ‘Blue Tits’ cold water swimmers and prepared to set off on a similar journey. They were Julie Slize and Vicky Nicholls, who as well as swimming sometimes in Lower Town, Fishguard and other places around this part of the coastline are undertaking a national challenge of completing 20 swims in the sea between November and March, which they are both ultra-confident of achieving

Real benefits for the whole day

Joe PicklesAsk Michael and Cherry about the benefits of taking such icy morning dips in the sea and they are agreed about the benefits to their physical and mental well-being in this cold, dark winter.

“I’ve enjoyed swimming in the sea for many years,” Cherry told us, “but now that other things are on hold it is nice to have a focal point to each day.
“You get used to the cold pretty soon after a while and it is a lovely feeling to come out, dry off and have a little jog along the breakwater – it makes you feel good for the rest of the day.”
Michael started out two months ago and has rarely missed a day since.
“To be honest I started off because my sister encouraged me to give it a try and I will never forget that first time I immersed myself – it was a bit of a shock, to say the least.
“But your body attunes itself as the days pass and now I look forward to my daily dip and run afterwards – and I would recommend it to others as long as they make sure they are physically up for the challenge first!”
And Joe? He does a great job of encouraging mum and uncle Michael!