Scott Davies - selects best Hakin United team in last 20 years

2019-20 Hakin United squad

Current manager Scott Davies has chosen what he believes is the best Hakin United squad over the last 20 years.

Chris Tansey gave Scott his first start for The Vikings as a 16-year-old, but he played mainly under the impressive leadership of Gary Dawes.

Hakin have been the most successful club over the last two decades, incredibly having won eleven Division One titles and claiming nine Senior Cup victories.

It has been a difficult choice for Scott who had an abundance of talent to pick from and for two decades won so much silverware.

Scott told “I am keen to state this is my opinion and obviously people from different generations will think differently.

“Also, I think the majority of the current first team players in years to come will challenge everyone in this current team.”

All smiles Scott Davies

Here is Scott’s squad:

Ewan Findlay receives Joe Lennon Memorial trophyGOALKEEPER – JASON MORGAN
A tough category for me with Bomber the keeper I played least with. Devs, Moomin, Manson all brilliant keepers and Hartley pushed Bomber closest. I think everyone would agree on his day nobody better.

One of my best mates from a young age so have had the pleasure of playing in same teams as him since age 11-12. Brilliant defender most importantly, and one v one nobody better, under rated how intelligent of a footballer he is.

It was a tough choice who to pair with Benny, with Karl Rhead coming close but having played more with Nigel and probably watched more of him as a kid he pipped it. Calm on the ball and an incredible football brain, probably could have played everywhere on the pitch (except the wings).

Nicky Woodrow and Kristan Bennett with the Division One silverwareCENTRE BACK – KRISTAN BENNETT
Best defender I have ever seen bar none. Best header of a ball bar none and best at timing a tackle bar none. Think he would have been first name down by 99% of people.

No words to describe this one, except machine. Effortless in defence, never in trouble whether it is against pace or height. Has a knack to always play to his strengths and be smart to always win his duels. Also loves a run up a blind alley lol.

Tough category out wide. Grew up watching Chapman, Haworth, Odge etc., and most were my favourite players as a kid but Stanmore, for me was on another level. One of them players you loved to play with, never moaned or complained about anything, worked hard, brilliant trainer and one of the last old school ‘wingers’ at Hakin. Would set up as many as he would score.

Hakin legends Gary Dawes and Paul Jonah JonesCENTRE MIDFIELD – GARY DAWES (CAPTAIN)
Had to go in centre midfield, it was just who was paired with him, and I think Stevie is perfect! Every team needs an engine room and a spine and with Gary, Benny, and Bomber at the heart of it I do not think there is a better one. Often told us in his team talks in the changing room ‘I was never that good at football, but I had the heart and sometimes that beats talent’. True words, and he obviously gets the captains armband.

Fez’ an absolute nightmare of a player to play against for anyone. Always touted for his sharpness and skill but for me his vision and intelligence with the ball at his feet was like no other. Sometimes he would think too far ahead for other players!


If I have picked the Ashley from when we were younger, Billy is going to have a very lonely time at left back! Current day Ashley he will be up and down helping every player on the pitch! Whichever one, he is the match winner in the side. One of the few players that had the ability to flip a game on its head with a moment of magic, a bit like Stanmore.

Nicky Woodrow and Hakin teammates celebrate another league titleSTRIKER – PAUL JONES
The true legend of the club, for me personally he gave me so many happy times as a kid watching Hakin every Saturday and also winning things playing with him as a player and regularly scoring 30-40 goals a season, plus constant crucial match winners like the one he nicked late in 2009 Senior Cup against Merlins Bridge 4-3. We are always told how he was the one player who could have made it all the way. The quickest player probably in Hakin’s history and an unbelievable all-round striker.

The second striker was always going to be the tough one with Jonah automatically taking one spot. Ginty, Posse, Cooper, all came close for me, but I have gone for Nicky. A desire and work ethic like I have never seen in any other player. Incredible drive and is a born winner. On his day, a clinical finisher and like Jonah has the rare ability to create his own goals and chances through his unbelievable work rate alone.
Ashley Bevan pushes forward


MICHAEL COOPER - Could have been in others 11 and in any position from midfield to forward, amazing football brain and gave his all every time on the pitch.

ANDREW POSTLETHWAITE - Giant of a man on the pitch and someone with his tremendous attitude towards the game I always looked up to.

ANDREW KINGSTON - Hard to choose only three subs but I wanted to pick someone else from my generation. It was a tough decision between him and Justin ‘Skinny’ Harding but have gone for Kingy. For someone so laid back he had an unbelievable mentality on the pitch and was brilliant to play with. One of the best footballers I have played with!

Chris Tansey giving his half time team talk

Manager is a tough call for me. Only played for Tanz once at 16, but I am obviously aware of everything he done and achieved for the club in the glory days. Gary coached me for most of my playing days and without a doubt who I have learnt the most, especially now in coaching. Having said that, I have gone for Tanz manager, Dawsey player/coach.