Disabled bowlers bring home the bronze

Welsh team

Our photos from Madeline Roberts the Pembs trio, James Tyler on the left, Simon Eaton centre and John Ellis on the right, plus the full Welsh team.

Madeline Roberts the Pembs trio, James Tyler Three Pembrokeshire Disabled Bowlers Club members, Simon Eaton, John Ellis and James Tyler were lucky enough to be selected for the Welsh team alongside nine bowlers from Cardiff Chameleons. The athletes competed in the inaugural Learning Disabilities Indoor Bowls International Series held in Falkirk 4th to 6th June 2019. The bowlers were in categories according to their ability, (L1, L2 or L3).  The winning nation would take home the Munro Cup.

The Welsh team were cheered on by their Captain, Alan Beech, and they played valiantly in singles, pairs and triples matches to win Bronze. Scotland took silver and England won gold, and the cup. The Pembrokeshire trio were helped on the green by their coaches, Madeline Roberts, Steve and Olwyn Whitmore (PDBC), and Welsh Head Coach Barry Jenkins (Cardiff Chameleons).

It was announced that Wales will be hosting the competition next year.

Pembrokeshire Disabled Bowlers Club would like to thank all those who helped raise funds and to Haverfordwest Pool Foundation Trust for their support, which enabled the club to take the bowlers away.