Neyland Cricketers are back at Edgbaston again!

Neyland - looking ready for action

Indoor Cricket:


Garnons CC (Herefordshire) 90 all out in 12 overs lost to Neyland CC (91 for 1) in 8.2 overs

Umpires: Dave Faulkner & Allan Hansen

Third Umpire: Peter Hoare (Chairman, Herefordshire Indoor Cricket)

Scorer: Inge Bevens

Venue: Leominster Leisure Centre


Neyland Cricket Club made the long seven-hour round trip to Leominster as the Welsh Indoor Cricket Champions and produced a terrific all-round team performance to beat the local champions, Garnons Cricket Club, with only one wicket lost (from the first ball of their innings) and with 2.4 overs in hand!

This terrific success now takes Sean Hannon’s battle-hardened team on to the next stage of the country-wide competition with another long trek to the semi-finals, which as usual will take place at Edgbaston Indoor School on 3rd March.

Outdoors, Garnons are division one champs of the Herefordshire Marches League and were worthy winners of the local indoor competition – but after batting first they were soon in trouble as good gully fielding by the Hannon twins saw openers Paul Williams and James Debenham dismissed respectively for a first ball of the innings duck and six.

Ford bats well for the homesters but Neyland are great in the field

Darren Ford, batting at No 3 for Garnons, posed a real threat with his ability to hit hard, and was the mainstay of their batting as he belted seven threes, two fours and a six, no mean feat since the local indoor rules prevented balls being hit above six feet on the side walls and ten feet on the back wall. There were double figures for Stuart Turpin (bowled Patrick Hannon) and Carl Lewis (bowled Henry Durrant) before they departed, whilst Sean Hannon also grabbed the scalp of Tom James.

Nine extras completed the innings as Ford was eventually run out for 49 by the sharp work of Patrick Hannon as George Evans also played a significant role early on with the gloves until Sean Hannon took over after completing his three-over stint.

Neyland survive an early shock

Neyland suffered a shock when Patrick Bellerby departed first ball to the very fast bowling of Tom James, superbly caught by keeper and skipper Stuart Turpin, but their bowling proved wayward as they conceded 16 wides in the first two overs as Nick Koomen and Sean Hannon were able to settle quietly in.

Koomen had six threes and two fours as he reached 30 and had to retire, with the Neyland skipper and his twin brother maintaining the momentum without any further fuss.

Sean stroked a boundary to end undefeated on 26 with Patrick on ten not out and ‘Mr Extras’

ending up on 25 so that Neyland ended victorious with 16 balls still in hand!

Neyland start the day with a good breakfast!

 Opponents - Garnons


Garnons CC Batting:

James Debenham run out 6

Paul Williams run out 0

Darren Ford run out 49

Stuart Turpin b Patrick Hannon 14

Tom James b Sean Hannon 2

Carl Lewis b Henry Durrant 10

Extras 9

Total (all out) 90

Neyland CC Bowling:

Sean Hannon 3-0-24-1; Patrick Hannon 3-0-27-1; Nick Koomen 3-0-22-0; Henry Durrant 3-0-22-0

Neyland CC Batting:

Nick Koomen retired 30

Patrick Bellerby ct Stuart Turpin b Tom James 0

Sean Hannon not out 26

Patrick Hannon not out 10

Extras 25

Total (1 wicket) 91 for 1)

Garnons CC Bowling:

Tom James 3-0-29-1; Paul Williams 1-0-14-0; Carl Lewis 3-0-28-0; Darren Ford 2.3-0-23-0

 Match Officials: Peter Hoare, Inge Bevens, Allan Hansen and Dave Faulkner

Neyland - looking ready for action
Neyland start the day with a good breakfast!
Opponents - Garnons
Match Officials: Peter Hoare, Inge Bevens, Allan Hansen and Dave Faulkner