Neyland celebrate Callum Power's success

Callum Power and supporters

There was a special presentation evening at the ‘Rose and Willow’ pub in Neyland recently when Callum Power’s success in again being chosen as captain of the Welsh Disability Cricket Squad was recognised.

Peter Davies speaksHe has being playing now for three seasons, two of them as an influential captain where he has scored three centuries, and the Autumn brings a very exciting time because this will be the first time that a Cricket Wales Disability team has been on tour.

Sri Lankan bound

They will be travelling to Sri Lanka and staying for eight days, playing two one-day games and two T20 games, staying in Colombo, world famous for its test cricket ground – and Callum will have the honour of leading the team out on to the pitch and hoping to add to the three centuries he has already scored for Wales as a forceful opening bat.

Unfortunately there is inevitably a considerable cost for travel, accommodation and kit but such is the camaraderie at Neyland Cricket Club, alongside the local community that at the presentation it was announced by Peter Davies, one of the main organisers of the fund-raising, that all of his costs have been covered, plus some new kit and even some spending money!

Callum Power and nan Megan KerrisonNo more pink socks

Callum is often teased by the likes of Martin Jones, the cricket development officer for the county and another principal mover in the organisation of the fund-raising, about his wearing pink socks whilst batting so Martin has sorted out some pristine new light grey cricket socks – and when Peter Davies was one of the raffle prize winners at a recent county cup final he immediately opted for a pair of wicket-keeping gloves to go with his shirts, whites, boots, hat – and even a new bat!

Great club and community support

Neyland Cricket Club was one of the major contributors to funds alongside Lea Wilson at The Rose and Willow, whilst the Coberg Inn’s dart team also raised funds from a darts tournament

Jeff Button was also heavily involved with terrific support from the Season’s Holiday Park in Laugharne and site contractors, with other great support from KO Carpets, Johnston, Milford Haven Golf Club and the Neyland Golfing Society, plus ex-patriots from the town  of Neyland in Alex Mathias and Chris Banner.

A kind donation from the Haverfordwest Public Swimming Pool Trust took the total to a hugely successful conclusion and in attendance at the presentation to Callum, his mother Jude and gran Megan Kerrison were Neyland CCs Andrew Smith, Sean Bellerby, Sean Hannon, Martin Jones and Peter Davies alongside Jeff Button and Lea Wilson.