Herbrandston CC - 'Select X1' picked by Jonny 'Bap' Lewis

Herbie – The village side with lots of heart!

Jonny ‘Bap’ Lewis has represented Herbrandston in every division of Pembrokeshire cricket, whether it be at first or second team level. 

He continues to be heavily involved in the running of the club now, and has seen many highs and lows in the 21st century so far. 

He struggled to name a simple XI, and admitted there were many deserving players who were left out, but here’s his submission to www.pembrokeshiresport.co.uk

Gary Davies

1 – Gary Davies (wicketkeeper) 
Played a lot of his best cricket for the club pre-2000 but such a reliable batsman and wicketkeeper. Solid player and a great servant to the club. 

Alan McClelland

2 – Alan McClelland 
An attacking batsman who could get you off to a flier in the first few overs – and has been an experienced head over the years in an often young side. Was also good for morale and an underrated bowler. I don’t think he or the batsman knew which way he was spinning it but would often come on and break a partnership. 

Leigh Marchant 

3 – Leigh Marchant 
A fantastic batsman and so aggressive, and also the best fielder I’ve played with at the club. I remember him once quickly getting into the 90s at Haverfordwest and instead of shutting up shop, he went for it and got out. He’s captain now so hopefully the leadership will see him knuckle down more with his batting! 

Ryan Davies 

4 – Ryan Davies 
I’ve enjoyed a couple of seasons under him as captain. Has improved so much over the years and I think being skipper helped that. Another who is aggressive with the bat and has been very unlucky with injuries. 

Nathan Banner 

5 – Nathan Banner 
One of the best home grown players I’ve played with. By the age of 17 was a class act in terms of bowling, batting, and fielding – and is still class now at the top of Division 1.  

Kristan Bennett

6 – Kristan Bennett (captain) 
Another class act. Would give everything and run through brick walls. His bowling was nasty and aggressive and I remember fielding to him at mid-off and just seeing the ball fly down. He attacked when batting too and the player I enjoyed having on my team the most. 

Jonty Bennett 

7 – Jonty Bennett 
Another class player, I just wish with his ability he’d been able to commit more to cricket – it’s never been his main sport. Opened the bowling as a youngster but more of a batsman now, and a fantastic fielder. Great for morale too, I remember being in Cresselly when they were about 200-0 and he was still being positive and urging people on. 

Peter John

8 – Peter John 
Hell of an all-rounder. A length and line bowler who was hard to get away – and as a low order batsman could tee off and get you vital runs. Sadly died during an Alan Brown final but will never be forgotten at Herbie. 

9 – Dean John 
Peter’s  son and a real fast bowler. I wish he’d concentrate on line and length more but likes to hurl them down! Such an aggressive batsman too – some people would have to hit the ball two or three times to match the length of his sixes. 

Paul Hood 

10 – Paul Hood 
‘Hoody’ bowled so well in tandem with Kristian and I lost count of the amount of five or six wicket hauls he had for us. Could clear the rope when batting in the lower order too. 

Paul Nicholas

Steven Bennett

11 – Steven Bennett or Paul ‘Pickles’ Nicholas 
I cannot choose between these two as my spinner – so I’d bank on someone not being available so I could play them both! Steve was class and a steady batsman too while’ Pickles’ is still having a big influence. He’s taken over 30 wickets in the last two league seasons. 

Special mentions 
The twins Harry and Jack Nicholas were both so good for us and would be in if they’d stayed longer, but understandably they left to play for Tish in Division One. 

Robbie Hood is such a reliable bowler for us and could easily be in the XI too, as could Rob Kingston, who is such a fierce competitor. 

Dai Malloy came very close and his boy Charlie, is only 13 and I’ve no doubt he will eventually play in Division One. Ask me in 10 years’ time and he’ll be in this team! 

Clarissa Lewis

No doubt on this one and that’s my wife Clarissa! As well as scoring she does the teas, sometimes the team sheets, supplies the scores to the local press, and so much other admin. There’s been times where I’ve been going to play in Laugharne and she’s stayed home to run the seconds! I cannot give her enough credit for what she does.