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Rhodri Lewis has been a member of Clwb Criced Crymych since 2004, starting with the junior teams, captaining the second team, and also captaining the first team for a season. Currently, Rhodri plays for the only senior team there now and has been the chairman of the club since 2015. This team is based on the best players he has seen, or played with, within the club.  

Richard Thorne

1.       Richard Thorne 
One of the best natural batters I have seen playing for Clwb Criced Crymych. He moved down in 2013 from Herefordshire, and made an impact from the moment he joined the club. He has scored over 50% of our runs since 2013 and also a very good wicket keeper, fielder and bowler too. Also one of the junior coaches. and we are very lucky that he has stayed loyal to Crymych.  

2.       Rhydian Wyn 
Rhydian came through the junior section at a young age, and quickly settled in the first team for many years as a reliable, steady batsman. He wasn’t a big hitter, but you could always rely on him getting some runs in most games. Now living the dream out in Doha.  
Elgan Vittle

3.       Elgan Vittle 
Just like Rich Thorne, one of the best batsman I have seen playing for the club. Another Mr Reliable, who could easily score runs in most games. He may not have played as much as the club would want him to play due to his other talents like rugby and nowadays, triathlons. Still young (ish), so let’s hope we see him back playing for the club soon.  

Rob Nicholas with trophy

4.       Rob Nicholas 
Another ‘Mr Reliable’ with the bat and could open the batting or come in 3 or 4. He moved to Crymych from Maenclochog but stopped playing for a few years due to his children’s commitments. Rob is back playing for Narberth CC now unfortunately - but great to see him back in action!

5.       Bevis Stanford 
Another reliable and naturally gifted batsman. Bevis played more in the early 2000s, but was a very influential batsman, who the club could rely on most games. He is still living in the Crymych area, and the club haven’t given up on him playing again! 
 Sam Kurtz 
6.       Sam Kurtz 
Sam is the current captain of the club since 2018, and one of the many ex-Fishguard CC players we have in our squad these days (unknown how many will go back this season). Sam joined us in 2011, captaining the club in 2012, and has been a very important member, both on and off the field ever since. He joined Llanrhian in 2016 for a season, but soon returned for the “hwyl” at the Club. Sam has achieved many runs, including a few big knocks, has used his spin bowling and more recently been our wicket keeper. 
 Osian Wyn 

7.       Osian Wyn 
The younger brother of Rhydian and another one who came up through the junior section, and settled in to the first team very quickly. Osian was a very good wicket keeper, and also a good bowler and batter. He had a break from cricket for a season or two but played a few games during 2020, and improved our batting quite a bit! Hopefully we will see him continue to play in 2021. 

8.       Eurig Lewis  
Eurig was a very talented batter and bowler, especially around the time I started playing at senior level. He captained the club for a season or two, and had a few good innings' from time to time with his big hitting. Finished playing unfortunately and is now doing a top job as the owner of Jackie James, Carmarthen.  

9.       Dai Dearden 
Dai came through the juniors and was a superb bowler, and a great captain for the club for three or four seasons, before joining Whitland CC around 2011. Dai is currently living in Cardiff and as well as being a superb bowler, Dai was also a top 'down the order' batsman.  

 Dai Jenkins 


10.   Dai Jenkins 
Dai was one of the most reliable opening bowlers I have played with, and you could put money on the fact that he would get some wickets for you every game.  It was a massive shame that he had to give up cricket due to his not so reliable knees, but always supports the club whenever he can.  

John Williams 

11.   John Williams 
Another reliable bowler and one of the best the club has seen. He didn’t play as much in the 2000s, but managed to get hundreds of wickets during his playing days with the first team and later with the second team. Was one of the junior coaches for many years, and now is a member of the Crymych CC Committee and helps out with the ground.  

Just missing out: 
Andrew and Mark Thomas – Both brothers were unlucky to miss out, as they were very influential players from 2010 onwards, with Mark a top bowler and batsman and Andrew as a reliable bowler who could ass a bit of batting. Both have left the club during the last few years, working away. 
Alan Luke – Another reliable bowler who came through the junior section and settled in with the first team.  Hasn’t played as much during the last few years, but played a game or two during 2020. 
Ioan Davies – Has settled in as a very good opening bowler during the last few years, and has also batted well from opening or down in the middle order. Likely to feature strongly if a ‘Select XI’ was picked in ten years’ time 
Tudor Harries - I’m too young to remember if Tudor was still playing at start of 2000, but he was one of the best batsmen the club has seen since its existence, and a loyal member of the junior coaching and club committee. 
Mallory Stanford – The brother of Bevis and a reliable bowler and a good batter. Shame I didn’t get to see him or play cricket with him that much. 
Rhys 'Chainsaw' Davies and Charlie Davidson Howell – Probably the two most gifted, natural sportsmen I have ever seen and played cricket with. The two could bat very well, and bowl very well. I hope we will see them play for the club again someday.
We should give a shoutout to Euros Jones, for all his hard work with the ground at Glandy Cross. It was definitely a brilliant ground to play at, and a massive thank you should be given to Euros for that.  
A shoutout should also be given to all members of the current Club squad – and I’m sure if there was an opportunity to pick a select XI in ten years’ time, many of the current squad would be picked. Although we haven’t been very successful over the last few years, the 'hwyl” has definitely been there and we look forward to a new chapter in returning to play in the middle of the Crymych community.