Carew Cricket Club - A 'Select X1'

Shaun WhitfieldWhen we asked young all-rounder Shaun Whitfield to select a team from Carew he thought would represent it well he was understandably a little reticent because he hadn’t played with some of them, although he had watched them in total admiration when he was even cheekier then than he is now!

He asked if he could include Nick Scourfield, the club secretary, to give some advice and we readily agreed, because we genuinely believe that Mr Scourfield is one of the local cricketers we hold in the highest regard.

As both pointed out, this is not THE DEFINITIVE Carew squad because there have been so many outstanding players for The Rooks in that time, merely their choice, and we hope it will prompt some discussion in the sports-mad village, as it will around the county.

Ian Sefton

  1. Ian Sefton
‘Seffie’ is one of the most destructive of batsmen over the last 25 years at Carew after making his first-team debut at 16. He also has the ability to anchor an innings and has scored countless tons – and was ‘Man of the Match’ in the 2010 Harrison-Allen Bowl Final.

Nick Scourfield
  1. Nick Scourfield
‘Rushie’ was too modest to pick himself when I asked for his advice but as far as I was concerned had to be one of the first names to be included. He has been a terrific run gatherer for all those 20years and has actually played 31 years in the Carew first team as well as representing Pembrokeshire on a number of occasions. Still a key player and rightly held in high regard across the county for his dedication.

Robert Hicks

  1. Robert Hicks
‘Ribby’  would be my captain because he is an astute captain and brings power to the team as one of the most forceful batsmen I have seen. He is a former Welsh international and played for Ynysygerwyn at Lords. He is highly respected by all at the club, is always willing to help others – and still getting runs for the second team.

Simon Wood

  1. Simon Wood
‘Woodie’ has been a terrific all-rounder and I learned lots from him when I started out. He is a classy batsman and a swing bowler who has pin-point accuracy. He was chosen as ‘Man of the Match’ in the 2003 Harrison-Allen Bowl Final and has to be in the team because like me he supports Arsenal!

Aled Davies

  1. Aled Davies
I was fortunate to play a few games with Aled before he sadly passed away and you could see he was such a classy all-rounder and great competitor who could turn any game on its head with bat or ball. He was another Welsh international and was rightly regarded as a legend in cricket right across the county.

Tim Hicks

  1. Tim Hicks
He has been Carew’s top batsmen overall since I started playing and it is a shame we have lost him to football at the start and end of each season – and a very tight bowler, other than one match in Neyland where he was hit for five sixes on the trot!  He is also an outstanding fielder, a natural leader and someone you would always want in your team rather than the opposition!

Tom Davies

  1. Tom Davies
‘Ballack’ is the current holder of the ‘George Cole Trophy’, awarded to the best player in the county, after scoring 900 runs and taking 40 wickets in the 2019 season. He has been a first-team regular since 2010 after falling in dad Aled’s footsteps and he is a regular member of the Pembroke County side as an outstanding all-rounder.

Rhys Davies

  1. Rhys Davies
‘Harpo’ is another member of the Davies clan whose dad Gary played for the village – and he is a very useful all-rounder who captained the side recently. He is a natural leader, on and off the field, and often saves his best performances with bat or ball for when the going gets really tough.

Barry Ansell

9. Barry Ansell
Unfortunately, I never got the chance to play alongside ‘Ans’ but talk to anyone from his era and they say he was one of the best wicket-keepers in the county and not a bad batsman either. He was very comfortable standing up to the wicket or back and even now is always ready to give advice when he’s at the ground.

Robert Scourfield

10. Robert Scourfield
‘Turkey’ is one of the biggest natural winners I have ever played with and has the ability to change the game dramatically with the ball in his hands. He was man of the match in his first final and is still a key playing member of the club, when his work commitments allow. He has to be in the team for another reason because he is the Carew Football team’s manager and I don’t want to get dropped when we start again!

Darren Thomas

11. Darren Thomas
‘Tommy’ is another player I missed out playing with and he had the honour as captain of lifting The Bowl in 2002 and 2003. Even though he was rightly regarded as an all-rounder it was his ability to open the bowling and cause havoc amongst opponents’ early batting order with his pace and bounce.

Twelfth Men:

Brian Hall

12. Brian Hall
‘Lager’ just misses out although he’s been a top-order batsman since I’ve played here. But injuries in recent seasons have restricted him a bit – although he did an outstanding job as captain of the league-winning 2017 team. If fit he still stakes a strong claim as a front-line batsman now.

Wayne Cannon

13. Wayne Cannon
‘Canno’ moved to Pembrokeshire with work in 2006 and quickly established himself as an important team member with bat and ball. He was only at Carew for four seasons before work took him away again but in that time he played in two Bowl Finals and won the ‘Man of the Match’ trophy in 2008.

 Ceri Brace

14. Ceri Brace
‘Bracey’ has been a first team regular since 2008 and as a spinner played a key role during vital games in the National Village Cup, Harrison-Allen Bowl and league winning teams – and still in important member of the current Carew team.